Cosmetology Department General Information

Thank you for your interest in the Cosmetology program at Fullerton College. The instructors and staff look forward to meeting you and working with you towards a successful and rewarding career.

The Cosmetology Department offers courses  designed to prepare the student in the basic theory of cosmetology and its applications. It is designed towards the preparation for the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology state examination and a successful career as a cosmetologist.

  1. Cosmetology: Requires 1600 hours of training. 
  2. Instructor Training: Requires 600 hours of training. 
  3. Pivot Point Terminologies and Practices Requires :
  4. Degrees and Certificate

Commonly asked Questions:

How do I apply?

The application process begins through Fullerton College Admissions and Records. Students who are enrolling for the first time must complete an admission application. You may apply in person at the admissions and Records office, or online. You will be provided with a registration appointment date and time.

New and returning student admission Process is available at

 How Do I register?  

Register for classes on or after your assigned registration appointment date and time. you may register on line at

Expenses: These expenses are subject to change and  in some instances are approximate.

For Financial aid: Please refer to  Level one  students are required to have all  textbooks and materials for this level no later than the first day of the second week. It is important to start your financial aid process with plenty of time to meet this requirement.

Pre-requisites: Check for pre-requisites early. Before you enroll check to see if your class has a pre-requisites. I it does they must be cleared prior to enrollment.