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Cosmetology Courses

  • The Cosmetology Program is five consecutive levels that prepares students to become eligible to take the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exams. Eligibility for the State exam requires continuous attendance, completion of 1600 clock hours, and completion of Department and State-mandated coursework.
  • The Cosmetology program laboratory kit and Pivot Point Member textbooks cost approximately $3,000. The kit is divided into two modules – Module 1 is purchased prior to the first day of COSM 055AF & Module 2 is purchased during the last week of COSM 055AF. The Cosmetology Office will contact the student via EMAIL with instructions on purchasing the kit. Module 1 will be delivered the second day of class and the contents will be inventoried as a group. Uniforms and closed-toe shoes must be approved by the department prior to purchase.
  • Other expenses totaling approximately $500 will be needed for course laboratory materials during the 1600 hour courses.
  • We currently offer:
    • Full-time Day Program: Monday – Friday from 7am – 4:30pm. (Approximately 1 year to complete all 5 levels.)
    • Part-time Evening Program: Monday – Thursday from 5pm – 10:30pm. (Approximately 2 1/2 years to complete all 5 levels.)
  • Contact Anita Coggi (ACoggi@fullcoll.edu or (714) 732-5463) in the Cosmetology Department one month prior to the start date of class to receive updates on attending Cosmetology Program Orientation, purchasing kit, and wait list information.

FC COSM Enrollment Info Spring 2021

Cosmetologist/Barbering/Esthetician Instructor Training 600 Hours

The following courses require prerequisites and proof of California licensing before registration. Contact Anita Coggi (ACoggi@fullcoll.edu or (714) 732-5463) in the Cosmetology Department 3 weeks prior to the start date of class to submit documents.

  • COSM 060 F Instruction Techniques in Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician & COSM 062 F Advanced Instruction in Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician – (2) Consecutive semester courses for California licensed cosmetologists/barbers/estheticians to complete coursework to learn instructional techniques. (Offered as Fall & Spring 16-week courses.)
  • COSM 060LF, COSM 061LF, & COSM 062LF – (2 – 3) Consecutive semester courses for student-instructors to complete 600 clock hours of laboratory observation in addition to the coursework completed in COSM 060 F & COSM 062 F to become a Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician Instructor.
  • Pivot Point Instruction I – Preparatory course to teach Pivot Point terminologies. (Offered as a Summer 8-week course only.)

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FC Prerequisite Challenge Form

Esthetic Program

At this time, Fullerton College Cosmetology Department does not offer the 600 hour Esthetic Program.

Barbering Crossover Program

At this time, Fullerton College Cosmetology Department does not offer the 200 hour Barbering Crossover Program for licensed cosmetologists. Please continue to check this website and Fullerton College schedule of classes periodically to pursue anticipated Fall 2019 installment of this highly desired course.