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Trendsetter Events

The Trendsetters is the cosmetology club that organizes the cosmetology students’ involvement of Fullerton College campus activities.

List of Trendsetter Current Events and Activities

Ella Yi, representing Fullerton College…won 1st Place in the “Super 60’s SuperSunday” 2017 SuperStyle Photo Competition

Supercuts Superstyle Photo Competition is a annual hands-on competition for 10 cosmetology students from each school to perform a haircut and style within 30 minutes in front of Supercuts representatives. Final photos are submitted and judged to be narrowed down to the top 10 finalists. Fullerton College had six competitors and there were a total of 106 photo submissions. Ella was interviewed by Modern Salon Magazine (a representative was a judge), the article will be featured in January’s or February’s issue. We are so happy and very proud of her accomplishment. The Photography Department students took all of the photos for us and supplied all equipment necessary, & their contribution has helped Fullerton College win first place for two years in a row now. Go Hornets!